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What to do When a Loved One Dies

There is never a good time to talk about death. But, after a loved one dies in Maryland, there are many emotional, financial, and legal needs that must be considered. Some of these matters will be taken care of immediately while other matters may take many months to complete. At Frame & Frame, our Maryland… Continued

Fall Newsletter 2022

How About Some Good News Before The Holidays? The holidays are less than 100 days away! If you're like me, this year has been a whirlwind. We have enjoyed taking a little detour from the headlines this year and in this edition we continue to focus on some good things that are happening all around us. First,… Continued

Frame & Frame Recognized as Leading Lawyers by What’s Up Media

Each year, What’s Up Magazine reveals their Leading Lawyers and Frame & Frame is proud to be recognized among this elite group of legal professionals.  The survey is conducted by the media outlet through a peer review process, inviting all attorneys and judges who practice law throughout the Anne Arundel County, Central Maryland, and Eastern… Continued

Who Controls a Trust and Who Are The Key Players

Trusts are created to manage assets during life, transfer assets at death, and control bequeath to heirs so as to protect inheritances. The main idea is who decides what goes where? Who controls a trust? Trusts allow a person to control his/her assets. If this is one of your estate planning goals, it’s time to… Continued

Why Families with Wealth Need a Trust

Estate planning ensures who will care for any younger children and that they will have access to whatever financial resources are available. A trust is effective as soon as it is created, which allows for a trustee to manage your affairs before and after death. For families who have accrued substantial wealth, having a trust in… Continued

How to Pass Intellectual Property to Your Heirs

Are you a business owner or person with intellectual property?  Have you considered how to pass intellectual property to your heirs?  When you think of estate planning, what usually comes to mind is the process of transferring your assets and wealth to your family, along with consideration of any tax benefits. A properly drafted and… Continued

The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself or DIY Wills

With everything available at the click of a button, many people think that downloading a Do-It Yourself or DIY will is an effective way to get a will in place.  The biggest mistake many consumers make is to utilize services like LegalZoom or other platforms and think they “have everything covered.”  But, the state you… Continued

Life Care Planning and Special Needs

When considering how best to plan for someone with special needs and/or disabilities, it might be helpful to approach this task as a life care plan.  A life care plan is an ever-evolving assessment of financial security and supportive services, so that the person with special needs is able to live a life of meaning… Continued

LGBTQ Estate Planning: 3 Things You Need Now

A proper estate plan is critical for everyone – no matter their level of wealth or income. At its core, estate planning is not really about the value of assets involved, but the desire to control and ensure that your wishes are honored when you are no longer able to speak for yourself. Do not… Continued

Five Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Estate planning is more complex than most people assume. Making a mistake during estate planning can drastically set you and your loved ones back, making it impossible to retire like you planned, or leaving your adult children with an unclear understanding of your inheritance wishes. These errors can be avoided by working closely with an… Continued