Testimonials & Reviews

PROBATE: When my mother passed away, a friend suggested I contact Frame & Frame Attorneys at Law to handle the Estate. I could not be happier with how Tara and her team handled everything. Tara explained the process thoroughly. She kept me on track when there was an action that I needed to do, and she made the whole process painless. I highly recommend Frame & Frame! Alison J.
ESTATE PLANNING: The process was well explained. I felt Ms. Frame made every attempt to tailor documents to my particular needs and wants. She was friendly and engaging, making the process as comfortable as possible. Amy D.
ESTATE PLANNING:  After 15+ years of marriage and children, my husband and I decided it was time to update our wills, healthcare proxies, etc. I decided to make an appointment for a consultation after reading rave reviews on Google. Our initial meeting with Tara was fantastic! She reviewed our information, gave us her recommendations, and patiently answered a litany of questions…we really appreciated the transparency. She was there every step of the way, answering even more questions, filling out forms, etc. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and we plan to have Tara (and her team) oversee our Estate plans well into the future.   C. Jones
WILL: I was extremely satisfied with the professional and thorough service I received from Frame & Frame Attorneys with preparing my Will. They were very friendly and responsive. I would definitely use their services again and would recommend them. Tara Frame explained the process thoroughly and answered any questions I had during our meetings. Her staff communicated with me in advance when they needed additional information to finalize the documents. They also responded quickly when I called or emailed them with questions. There were no delays with the process. Everything was completed in a courteous and timely manner. Carla B.
TRUSTS: Tara and her team have been great to work with over the past 10 years. I have referred many of my clients to Tara for estate and trust planning. Tara is professional and responsive to each of our client’s unique needs. Tara has been a wonderful resource for our practice. Colleen S.
Superior customer service. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Dawn H.
ESTATE PLANNING:  Great Estate Planner! Very personable and thorough! Donna R.
PERSONAL INJURY:  When I was left injured and no where to turn, I reached out to the law offices of Frame & Frame. I felt welcome and shortly after confident that the staff and the attorneys on hand could help me with my legal issues. After some sincere and tough negotiating the team at Frame & Frame were able to secure a victory in my favor. Bravo! I would definitely recommend giving these guys a call first when an unexpected legal issue arises! Donnie C.
FAMILY LAW: Constructively aggressive, knowledgeable, and thorough are the words that describe our family lawyer, Tara Frame. She is a legal expert in the area of child custody and child rights. She consistently files the legal documents promptly and has been a champion in the court room. Dorsey
OUR FAMILY LAWYER: The law offices of Frame and Frame, LLC, is the finest example of law representation that I have ever dealt with. Their commitment to their clients is outstanding, their knowledge of the law and professional representation is second to none. The law firm is highly respected and always recommended by others who had had very successful judicial decisions in their favor. Their dedication to winning for their clients is the foundation of their reputation, and other lawyers take notice when the Frame and Frame law firm enters a court room. I am so very pleased that they have represented me through difficult times and through this experience, I definitely endorse and highly recommend this law firm to anyone one needing legal representation. Elizabeth
COMMUNITY:  Tara Frame is a very smart and experienced problem solver. Also, when appropriate, she is willing to consult with her network of professionals to find the best legal solution. She is a good listener and provided excellent customer service. This was refreshing when contrasted with most attorneys that I have encountered who take a guess when confronted with questions that do not fit their boiler plate. Such guesses are usually not completely accurate but are proffered with extreme confidence followed by a bill. Tara was the opposite, exactly what you would expect from an inquisitive and trustworthy legal professional
Eric F.
PROBATE: After the passing of my Mother, I was given a very shocking conflict concerning my mothers’ will. Together with your skillful professionalism and hard work, you were able to resolve the issue and in a timely manner. Through each phase of this case you guided me in getting the right information needed to win our case. Over all I had complete confidence in you and how the case was handled. In the end the case was won! In the future, when it becomes necessary for needs of a Lawyer your name will always be at the top of the list. Harvey L.
ELDER LAW & PROBATE: As a retired Maryland State Trooper with 26 years of investigative experience, including the Maryland State Prosecutor’s Office and the Maryland Board of Nursing, I can attest to the highly qualified legal team of Frame & Frame, LLC., located in Anne Arundel County and on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Tara Frame represented me in the contesting of a Will. She was extremely knowledgeable, kept me informed during the entire process and was the epitome of the ‘due diligence factor’ which is vital for a competent attorney. Most important of all, her sincerity and interest in my case was obvious during my initial visit to her office. Ms. Frame warrants a ‘Five Star Rating’ in my opinion and I would recommend her for all aspects of civil litigation. James M.
I am extremely pleased with Atty. Redmond’s services. She responded quickly to telephone and e-mails, explained everything I didn’t understand, and made what I feared would be a difficult process seem quite easy to navigate. I would definitely recommend Attorney Redmond and Frame & Frame to anyone in need of an attorney. Jason G.
ESTATE PLANNING:  Veronica Zoberbier was super helpful and explained everything I needed to know about my estate plan. I didn’t even have to go to the office – everything except the signing was done via Zoom… I am relieved, feel confident in their work, and I will be recommending this firm to everyone. EVERYONE should have an estate plan. Just check it out! It isn’t a tedious process and you will be glad you did. Jessica W.
This is a very professional law firm. Tara is highly experienced and an excellent communicator. John K.
The attorneys at Frame & Frame are the best. They listened to our unique situation and had a quick and efficient way to solve our problem. I would highly recommend this firm. Jonathan V.
PROBATE & ESTATE:  Erica and her staff are amazing. My wife passed and I was left with the most difficult hardship. [The team] was so understanding and helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this firm for any probate or estate issues.  Erica and Colleen, her paralegal, were just simply great oh better not forget Taylor she to was very helpful. Thank you guys so much. Joseph L.
PROBATE & ESTATE PLANNING:  I wanted an attorney who could understand my concerns and help me to understand the impact of the actions I was taking. I also wanted someone who was competent and knowledgeable. Ms. Frame satisfied those requirements completely, and was also confident in her approach to the resolution of difficult legal concerns, another valuable characteristic. She has assisted me with estate planning and real estate title matters over the last 2 years. The problems were extensive, and there were 3 properties in 3 states. Through it all, she was competent, professional, and helpful in providing advice and guidance to me…She made sure that I knew all of my options and how each would affect my personal situation. I have complete confidence in her answers to any of my questions. It’s one thing to recommend her to the general public, but I even recommended her to my family members and one is planning to use her services this summer. I felt very comfortable with Ms. Frame handling my legal affairs and again, I highly recommend her—-she is my attorney of choice. Karen
PROBATE:  [I had] an estate issue when my husband passed away last year, without warning. Tara and her staff helped me get to the point where the estate was in order (since my husband had no will at the time of his death – it caused a lot of issues between family members). Tara listened to every detail, helped me sort through all the issues that were brought up, filed the paperwork, corresponded with the other family members that were involved, and brought a final end and freeing feeling to this issue… They are the kindest caring and knowledgeable people in the law sector that I have come across. I will be using her and her law firm for all my legal matters from now on. Though we have a professional relationship I feel as if Tara and her staff have become friends as well. I can’t say enough about them. I would tell anyone and everyone to use Frame & Frame for any legal issue they have! Thank you soooo much Tara and Rachel for everything you have done and accomplished. Kim H.
PROBATE:  Frame and Frame helped me get my life in order after my husband passed suddenly. I had no idea what to do or how to handle anything. Tara Frame and her team knew exactly what to do. What a relief during a very stressful time. I can’t thank them enough for their expertise and advice. Laurie K.
ELDER LAW & PROBATE:  Tara handled both my mother’s & father’s estates. She handled everything in a timely manner at reasonable rates. Some attorneys charge the maximum allowed by the courts, but she charges by the hour, which saved us a substantial amount. Lisa C.
TRUSTS & ESTATE PLANNING: Absolutely recommend Frame & Frame. Tara worked through a difficult situation with us involving previous marriages and a blended family. She helped us in setting up trusts to protect our assets and explained everything clearly. She assisted in ensuring our property was properly titled with the trusts and worked with our settlement attorney when we purchased our recent home. Thank You Frame & Frame for your time and attention to detail. Lisa N.
ESTATE PLANNING & PROBATE: Working with Tara was a blessing for my family!  Just knowing that we now have peace of mind that my moms will is good and valid was so comforting to us! ! She was kind compassionate and to the point [and] I would recommend her hands down! Mary B.
Very good attorneys. [I am] more than happy with my case and the outcome. Michael B.
ESTATES & TRUSTS: Great work. We had a complicated need for multiple wills with previous divorced families and Tara knew exactly what we needed. Michael C.
FAMILY ADVISOR: We were most pleased with our contact with the attorneys at Frame & Frame. Both Attorneys managed our legal affairs effectively and efficiently. We would recommend them without reservation. Michele A.
TRUSTS:  Tara Frame has helped my wife and I put our assets into a family trust to ensure our daughter’s future. Tara made sense of a complicated procedure. I highly recommend her services. Mike A.
OUR FAMILY LAWYER: I have been a client of Frame & Frame for many years for real estate planning, reviewing contract for sale of home also a work related injury.I am very happy with their services where legal matters are needed and glad I retained their services . I would highly recommend. Neil N.
ELDER LAW & ESTATE PLANNING:  I wanted to use the legal services of a local attorney that had experience in the practice of Estate Planning and Elder Law. I selected Frame & Frame based on speaking with friends that have used their legal services and their outstanding reviews. I am very pleased with the professionalism of the entire team at Frame & Frame and will recommend them to my family and friends. Nelson F.
PERSONAL INJURY: Frame & Frame LLC provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention all the time. They give you the right advice on time, before you make your decision. If you are looking for a good lawyer, Tara Frame and her team are your best choice. I had an accident and her team were helpful and kind. I would recommend her. You will never regret it. Raphael E.
Frame and Frame provided us with quick, professional services, meeting our time sensitive needs at a remarkable fair rate. They were accommodating, courteous, providing constant feedback and multiple options to address our immediate needs. Raymond H.
COMMUNITY: My team and I have worked with Tara professionally in many areas of End of Life planning. She and her team have been exceptional with the families we assist at our funeral home, Fellows, Helfenbein & Newnam.
Ryan Helfenbein
TRUSTS: Forming a Trust Account is difficult to near impossible on your own. Having a lawyer who understands the law, with all its nuances, makes a huge difference. Stephen M.
FAMILY LAW: Ms. Frame is an exceptional attorney. My case was complicated due to the other parent being out of state. Ms. Frame was so incredible knowledgeable and well known within the court system. I felt very well informed and extremely prepared for every step in my legal process. Ms. Frame is always clear, concise and consistent in her communication. She helped me stay calm and get everything I was seeking in my case. While the case is still on going, I can state that I am very confident with her by my side. Xiomara