Our ePlan365™ platform puts the Plan in Your Hand.

If an unexpected crisis or tragedy occurs, your loved ones will be focused on solving the challenges, making decisions, and dealing with the family’s emotions.

There will likely be many questions and decisions to be made, depending upon the circumstances.  The biggest question of all…“What’s the plan?”

At Frame & Frame, we’ve helped people, for over 70 years, face the challenges and questions that arise.  Today, we are one of the only estate planning firms that offers our clients a proprietary platform so that every decision, document, and resource is available to your loved ones instantly.  Our ePlan365 puts the Plan in Your HandTM.

The ePlan365 is a unique service and platform we provide to clients that securely stores all of your documents and information in one easy place that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, by the people you choose in advance.  The platform can store:

  • Your will, trust, or estate documents,
  • Your powers of attorney and health care directives,
  • Your medical history, doctors, prescriptions, allergies, and medical images,
  • Passwords and logins for all of your critical financial information so that your bills can be paid, accessible for the crises or events you determine,
  • Personal notes, family heirlooms, and letters.

All of this important information is encrypted and protected with industry-leading technology and security and can only be accessed by the people you choose, for the crisis or events you choose. Your loved ones will only access the information you pre-determine.  Most importantly, they won’t have to spend time searching for or wondering what the plan is, because your ePlan365™ provides all the answers.  Be sure to ask about this unique service we provide exclusively to our clients!

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ePlan365 Chart