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According to Forbes, over half of Americans do not have an estate plan in place, whether that is a simple will, a trust, or other legal provisions.  While death is an unpleasant subject, beginning the conversation can save you and your family considerable anguish during grief or crisis.  At Frame & Frame, we have worked with generations of families, over the past 65 years, to develop a simple process to estate planning.  Our 4 Simple Steps to Estate Planning will take the weight off your shoulders and provide an easy path for your peace of mind.

There are many factors that must be considered, as part of the estate planning process.  Unfortunately, many people believe that having a simple will is adequate, especially if they do not have a large estate.  However, nothing could be further from the truth!  Your assets, your children, and your family members all influence the type of legal instrument that will best serve your needs.  Our process involves thoughtful consideration of your unique situation to come up with the best options for you!

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Step 1:  Discovery – At Frame & Frame, we take a very personalized approach to the estate planning process.  In our discovery session, we take time to understand your needs, goals and objectives.  We also talk through a variety of ‘What-If’ scenarios to ensure that your plan anticipates a variety of different scenarios and outcomes.

Step 2:  Strategy – After Discovery, we review the legal instruments, strategies, and recommendations that make the most sense for your unique situation.  We discuss the pros and cons of the plan design and begin creating a customized plan for you.

Step 3:  Delivery – After the plan is designed, documents will be reviewed with you and signed by all interested parties.  You will be provided a family binder and, in most cases, access to our proprietary ePlan365™ platform.  This unique platform gives you the Plan In Your Hand™ (and those you choose, in advance) access to your plan anytime, anywhere, for any crisis.

Step 4:  Ongoing Support – If a will has been established, it will be filed with the appropriate legal authorities.  If a trust has been established, we begin the process of transferring assets into the trust, ensuring that it is funded so that it can serve your needs, as intended.  We also revisit this plan anytime that there are life-changing events or circumstances.  You are provided ongoing access to the ePlan365™ platform so you’ll always have the Plan in Your Hand™.

Our 4 Simple Steps to Estate Planning will take the weight off your shoulders and provide you legal guidance and peace of mind.  Our unique process makes it easy for you to plan for your own care, as well as those you love.

Estate planning allows you to consider decisions, have important conversations, and plan accordingly before an illness or injury occurs, so that there is clear direction for your family, and your wishes are carried out, exactly as you intended.

To get started with our 4 Simple Steps to Estate Planning, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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