What to do When a Loved One Dies

There is never a good time to talk about death. But, after a loved one dies in Maryland, there are many emotional, financial, and legal needs that must be considered. Some of these matters will be taken care of immediately while other matters may take many months to complete. At Frame & Frame, our Maryland probate attorneys have been helping families with these difficult situations for over 70 years. This free legal guide provides an overview of the resources and materials we have found most helpful to assist you with the estate and probate processes in Maryland. Most importantly, the guide will help you know what to do when someone dies in Maryland.

Download the Free Guide to Probate in Maryland and learn:

  • 8 Things to do immediately when someone dies
  • What to do if you have or don’t have a will
  • The tasks that should be accomplished within the first two weeks of death
  • The critical information that must be gathered
  • Questions to help determine if probate is necessary
  • Legal items that need to be addressed during the probate process
  • How to handle creditor claims after a loved one passes

Common Questions About Probate

Many of us don’t have a lot of experience in dealing with the death of a loved one.  So, knowing what to do when someone dies in Maryland may raise many questions about the probate process, the distribution of assets, and more.  Here are a few of the most common questions:

  1. Can I sell a property before the probate process has occurred?
  2. If the will says I inherit a piece of property, how soon can I take possession of it?
  3. Can I use proceeds from the sale of assets to pay for the funeral costs?
  4. What happens if Medicaid or other creditors make a claim for a debt?

Many of these questions are answered in the free legal guide, while others are better suited to be addressed by a Maryland probate attorney, who is familiar with your specific circumstances.

How A Probate Attorney Can Help

Our job, as a Maryland probate attorney, is to guide you and your family through a sometimes emotional, legally complex, and often time-consuming process, in the easiest manner possible.  We have tools and resources to help us locate critical information and ensure the Maryland probate process is adhered to in accordance with Maryland law. If you are the Executor of the Estate, we can create an inventory, research creditors, or file petitions with the courts, as needed.

Family dynamics are often a big challenge after a loved one dies.  We can mediate and communicate with all parties involved to avoid conflicts and work towards resolution, in accordance with the loved ones wishes. This, in and of itself, can relieve a huge burden on the Executor of the Estate.

Written by the Maryland probate attorneys at Frame & Frame, this guide provides valuable guidance and information to assist and educate you.  Most importantly, you’ll learn how a Maryland probate attorney can make the probate process less time-consuming for you and/or the Executor of the estate.

Download the guide to educate yourself and make more informed decisions.

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