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Rehabilitation and Permanent Disability Workers’ Compensation

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The Maryland workers’ compensation system serves two functions: to compensate employees who are temporarily disabled due to a work-related injury, and to compensate those who are permanently disabled or prevented from returning to a prior occupation.

Permanent Disability Award

When medical treatment has concluded and the employee has reached maximum improvement, the employee may be entitled to a money award for any permanent injury. At this point, the employee may be unable to return to his or her prior occupation or even to the work force entirely. In either event, the employee is entitled to workers’ compensation for the permanent disability.

We help injured employees recover losses for permanent disability. Recovery may include compensation for physical disability, as well as for loss of future earning capacity.

Vocational Rehabilitation

A permanent disability may prevent an employee from resuming his or her normal work duties. Other jobs that the employee may be physically able to perform may be unattainable due to a lack of training and experience.

With vocational rehabilitation, a permanently disabled employee receives training in another occupation to enable him or her to engage in a satisfying career despite the disability. At Frame & Frame, LLC, we help our clients obtain the vocational rehabilitation benefits to which they are entitled.

Vocational rehabilitation may also include temporary total disability benefits, paid at the same rate as , during the period of retraining. In addition, if the insurance company disputes an employee’s claim of inability to work, we will request a hearing before the Workers’ Compensation Commission and argue the case on your behalf.

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