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updating my willWe hope you had a very Happy New Year! This is an epic year for us, as we celebrate our 70th anniversary! We are working on our special some ways to commemorate this milestone so stay tuned for more details.

Each year, our family dynamics change and it’s a good time to review your legal documents to ensure everything is in place. We’ve included a link to download our annual planning checklist below.

January is National Walk Your Pet Month, so we hope you find a warm day to celebrate with your pet. February is American Heart Month and it’s a good time to talk about prevention and planning with your loved ones. We provide some links and tips below.

As always, we are here to serve as your family’s lawyer and trusted advisor.


Has Your Family Changed in the Last Year?

Have you or your family welcomed a baby, purchased or sold real estate, celebrated a wedding, experienced a health issue, or a divorce or loss of a loved one? Each year, our family and circumstances change. These life changes may create different priorities that need to be considered as part of your will, trust, long term care, or probate plans.

We recommend using this free annual checklist to revisit your circumstances to ensure that your wishes and health care directives are up to date. Contact us if you’d like to schedule an annual review or update your documents.annual planning checklist

National Walk Your Dog Month

They say the dog is man’s best friend and we know, first hand, how much joy these animals can add to our lives. January is National Walk Your Dog Month!

This month, don’t let the colder temperatures drag you and your best friend down. Pick a day to get out and get some exercise! Even a short walk can do you both good.

For some people, estate planning for their pets and ensuring they will be cared for is a priority. We provide some tips in this article.

advanced health directives for people with heard conditionsHow’s Your Heart Health?

February is American Heart Month and there are tons of resources to help you focus on your cardiovascular health.

Unfortunately, since the pandemic, many people have delayed or avoided going to the hospital resulting in poor outcomes. Do yourself and your family a favor and get a check-up and know the signs and symptoms of a stroke or heart attack.

If you’ve already been diagnosed with heart disease, it’s more important than ever to ensure medical decisions can be made on your behalf, if you are incapacitated.

frame and frame celebrates 70 year anniversary

Celebrating 70 Years!

We are beyond excited to be celebrating 70 years of service to our community this year. Follow us on YouTube to learn more about our history and our services. Stay tuned as we will be celebrating this momentous occasion in a big way and hope you can join us!