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Asset Preservation StrategiesMarch is National Asset Management Month and it’s a great time to review and ensure that your assets are properly protected and that you have the best strategy in place for the future.

As defined by financial experts, an asset represents any valuable item or resource convertible into cash. Such valuables encompass a spectrum, ranging from tangible holdings like real estate, vehicles, boats, precious jewelry, and collectibles to intangible investments. Assets are subject to probate and taxes, if you do not have a proper strategy in place.

Given the complexity of asset protection in Maryland, it is important to potentially establish trusts and plan ahead, for Maryland tax implications. Our Asset Protection Attorneys work side by side, with your accountant, financial advisor, and other professionals to create a comprehensive plan for you and your loved ones.

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No matter if you have a little or a lot of wealth, there are legal strategies that may be of value to you and your family. Reach out today to start the conversation!

Has Your Family Changed in the Last Year?  annual planning checklist

Have you or your family welcomed a baby, purchased or sold real estate, celebrated a wedding, experienced a health issue, or a divorce or loss of a loved one? Each year, our family and circumstances change. These life changes may create different priorities that need to be considered as part of your will, trust, long term care, or probate plans.

We recommend using this free annual checklist to revisit your circumstances to ensure that your wishes and health care directives are up to date. Contact us if you’d like to schedule an annual review or update your documents.

Celebrating 70 Years of Service!

This year marks our 70th anniversary! We have been reflecting and sharing photos from the past. Tara fondly reflects on this one, “My father, Vernon Frame, founded the firm and practiced law for over 70 years, serving our community until his retirement in 2002 at the age of 80. Throughout my time with him, I gained invaluable insight into the practice of law. In addition, he shared his values and wisdom about running a business, which is typically not taught in law school.”

Be sure to follow us on Instagram or YouTube to see more of the photos and help us celebrate this momentous occasion! We’ll be providing more updates on our event later this fall.

celebrating 70 years of legal service

Free Legal Guides to Estate Planning

We have created free guides and articles to answer questions about estate planningelder lawguardianship, Medicaid and long term care planning, probate services, and more!

free legal guides and checklists for estate planning in maryland