Long Term Care Planning Checklist

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long term care planning checklist

All of us want to protect our legacy and our family’s assets but, as we grow older, 70% of us will require some type of long term care services, which can average $7000/mo or more. Unfortunately, many families are not aware of the implications of long-term care, Medicaid vs. Medicare benefits, and how this impacts an individual’s wealth or assets.

So, we have developed this Long Term Care Planning Checklist to help you and your family plan ahead. This can serve as the ice-breaker for tough, but necessary conversations and provides thoughtful answers to questions like:

  • How will you or your family pay for long-term care?
  • Planning at least 5 years ahead can save you and your family hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Why you need Powers of Attorney in place before a crisis or health issue?
  • The 4 legal documents everyone needs NOW!

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