Give the Gift of Planning

The Gift of Estate Planning


Give a priceless gift they’ll remember for years to come that will provide them guidance when they need it most! No one likes to think about it, but planning for life’s unexpected events is not only important for seniors, it’s also critical for families with young children.  Every member of your family can benefit from having a plan in place if an unexpected illness, accident, or even death occurs.  Most importantly, this is a gift that will provide peace of mind and guidance during any crisis.  Let us help you give a priceless gift that your family will remember for years to come!

For about the cost of a weekend getaway, you can give your family peace of mind and a plan for life’s unexpected events. A will or estate plan is not only important for seniors, it’s also critical for families with young children.

Our Gift of Planning package includes everything your family needs for peace of mind and, for a limited time, free access to our exclusive ePlan365 platform.  Your basic Gift of Planning Estate Plan package includes the following for two adults:

  • Discovery Meeting
  • Strategy Session
  • Last Will & Testament or Trust
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney for two adults
  • Financial Power of Attorney for two adults
  • Advanced Directive/Living Will for two adults
  • Holiday Gift Package Includes:  Free Access to ePlan365
  • Gift Certificate Value:  $2500 (Customized services can be provided for additional costs)

Gift of Estate Planning

Having a Plan Helps During Crises

Give the gift of PlanningAccording to Forbes, over half of Americans do not have an estate plan in place, whether that is a simple will, a trust, or other legal provisions.

So, what happens when an unexpected crisis occurs?  Family members often struggle with emotions, medical decisions, legal issues, and sometimes each other, to determine the best plan!  Certain legal documents must be presented in order for the doctor to receive direction about medical decisions.

A person’s finances may be frozen without the legal documentation needed to pay bills or access accounts.  But, all of this can be avoided with some thoughtful planning, ahead of time.   Even better, our ePlan365 platform utilizes technology to provide the family members you choose with all the information they need, at the time they need it, so they will have always have a plan.

Estate Planning for Seniors

While it is common for us to begin thinking about these issues as we grow older, estate planning is just one component of the planning process for seniors, at Frame & Frame Attorneys at Law.  Our elder law attorneys can help you determine if a will or trust will best serve your needs and whether or not you should also consider long-term care planning.

Long-term care and Medicaid planning is particularly important for seniors, since 7 out of 10 seniors will require some type of long term care in their lives.  With the cost of long-term care averaging $6,000-$10,000 per month, this can quickly diminish a lifetime of savings.

Estate Planning for Families with Young Children

Very simply stated, families with children can benefit from estate planning by ensuring that their children are cared for by the person you choose. More importantly, a well-thought-out plan will determine how your finances can be used to support your children’s’ needs over the coming years for small expenses like clothing and camp, to larger expenses like college and weddings.  For many families with children, the estate planning process evaluates whether a will is sufficient or if a trust would provide more options and protections. The cost to prepare a trust vs. a will is nominal, especially when compared to the benefits you may be able to provide your heirs. Our estate planning attorneys helps families with children evaluate:

  • Naming a guardian who will care for your children, day-in and day-out.
  • Will the guardian have the financial means to care for your children without assistance?
  • How can your assets be used to provide for your children’s daily needs?
  • How can assets be preserved for big expenses such as: college, weddings, buying their first
  • Can your estate avoid the probate process and potentially provide the most tax benefit and
    pass on more financial benefit to your children?
  • At what age can your children access assets or funds in a trust and for what purpose?
  • Can you protect a your child’s inheritance from a future divorce?
  • Can you ensure your child’s inheritance goes to your grandchildren and not a spouse or the
    spouse’s children from another marriage?

What a Basic Estate Plan Includes

Estate planning helps to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the event of incapacitation (accident, coma, illness) and how best to protect and disperse money and property, in the event of death.   Just as every family is different, so too, every estate plan is different.  This is a big reason why online wills can leave many people vulnerable.  The basic estate plan offered by Frame & Frame provides you a private consultation with an attorney who can consider every aspect of your family and situation.  In addition, we work hard to consider future scenarios that may need to be addressed such as any future spouses, blended families, and more.  The basic estate plan, offered by Frame & Frame, typically includes:

  • Last Will and Testament and/or Revocable Trust
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Appointment of Healthcare Agent (Healthcare Power of Attorney)
  • Advanced Directives (also known as a Living Will)
  • Exclusive Offer:  Access to ePlan365, allowing you to provide these important documents electronically, to the people you choose, in the event of a crisis.

During the estate planning, we also address common goals and concerns regarding what happens in the event of death, including:

  • Burial or end-of-life wishes,
  • Leaving a legacy for loved one
  • Distribution of assets
  • Avoiding the probate process
  • Limiting estate and death taxes

Our attorneys are well-versed in estate planning and elder law and are there to guide you to your goal and considerations for:

  • Ensuring financial support for your family,
  • Naming guardians for any minor children and determining how assets will be used for their needs,
  • Determining how a business will be maintained or liquidated,
  • Outlining preferences for medical emergencies or incapacitation,
  • Choosing the beneficiaries and the age at which they will receive their inheritance,
  • Leaving assets to a charity

Frame and Frame Attorneys at Law have been helping members of our community with estate planning, long term care planning, and Medicaid planning for over 70 years and we will help make the process easy to take the weight off your shoulders.  Download your free guide to estate planning to include with your gift.  Give the gift of estate planning to your family today – they will remember this gift for years to come!

Contact us today to give the gift of planning or to schedule a private consultation.