Respite Services for the Senior

Seniors who wish to continue living at home with their children for as long as possible, or who wish to live in their original home until they pass away, have a good option with respite services. Respite services allow a caregiver, who is typically an adult child of the senior citizen, some short term relief from their duties as the caregiver. If a senior citizen wishes to remain in his or her home, as opposed to moving to a retirement or nursing home, respite services should be part of the estate plan.

How Respite Services Work

Having an older parent who is incapable of taking care of himself or herself can be difficult for a caregiver and the family. There are jobs to go to, chores to complete, kids to usher around, and all the normal stresses and responsibilities that come with daily life. As such, there are companies that help take some of the burden off the shoulders of the caregiver and family. These companies specialize in taking professional quality care of older adults who may need assistance with getting up out of chairs, using walkers, using the bathroom, eating, drinking, taking prescription medication, using medical devices, and other daily activities that their caregiver would normally assist them with. A respite service company may come into the home of the senior and provide assistance for a few hours while the caregiver goes to work, shops for groceries, exercises at the gym, etc. Or, the senior may be taken to an adult day care facility.

Adult Day Care Facilities

An adult day care facility is operated similarly to a retirement community or assisted living home. Highly trained staff take care of the needs of the older person, but instead of living there, the older person is picked up and dropped off each day or whatever schedule they and their caregiver decide upon. Medicare will typically pay for up to five days in a row of respite care in a skilled nursing facility or hospital, according to the National Institute on Aging, but after that it is up to the individual to pay the rest. Both adult day care facilities and home respite services, are expensive. While these costs can end up being much lower than an assisted living or retirement home, they are by no means inexpensive.

Call Maryland Elder Law Attorney Tara K. Frame

There are many respite services and facilities in Maryland. In fact, Maryland has one of the highest concentrations of adult day care facilities in the U.S., according to the National Adult Day Services Association. However, making decisions about advanced aging is often difficult and complicated, which is why it is best to make long-term plans with the assistance of an elder law attorney. The Pasadena elder law attorneys at Frame & Frame can help you decide whether respite services are something that you or your loved one would like to have, and how to plan for paying for them when the time comes. Call us today at 410-255-0373.