May 2023 Newsletter

Getting Ready for Moms, Babies & Weddings

In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, we have a lot of news and information geared towards those who will be welcoming a new baby, planning or attending a family wedding, and of course, Mother’s Day is right around the corner too.

These special moments in life are such great gifts and they are also an important time to ensure that you and your family members are prepared for any occasion. Our articles and checklists make it really easy to get started and ensure that you and your loved ones have exactly what you need, for any life events.

Don’t forget that estate planning can be a great gift for your family members too. Whether they need a simple will, powers of attorney, or a more complex estate plan, we can help! We are proud to serve as your family’s legal advisor for thoughtful planning and during times of crisis. Please let us know how we can help you and your family!

Meet the Newest Member of Our Team

Katie Hynes DiFerdinandoFrame & Frame Attorneys at Law is pleased to welcome Katie Hynes DiFerdinando to the firm and expand the firm’s services to offer estate litigation and contested guardianship matters.

Katie has always had a passion for helping people. She found that sense of purpose fulfilled when assisting clients with some of the most important decisions of their lives, namely estate planning and estate litigation, guardianship matters, elder law, and matters affecting real estate. She also knows, first-hand, the challenges that can arise when advocating for family members with special needs. This experience allows her to provide a very personal, compassionate level of service to her clients.

In her spare time, she volunteers on the board for a local private school and serves as a mentor to recent law school graduates. Katie is the perfect complement to our team and brings great energy. We are excited that we can tap into Katie’s experience to offer legal guidance for estate litigation and contested guardianship matters. Please join us in welcoming Katie!

Is Your Family Expecting a Baby?

what new parents need to know about estate planningWhen you are expecting a baby or grandbaby, it is an exciting time filled with anticipation, joy, and planning for the future.  However, one thing that many new parents or parents-to-be often overlook is the importance of a will or estate planning before you bring that precious baby into the world. Don’t wait!

You can ensure that your child (or grandchild) is protected, and provided for, in the event of the unexpected. Grandparents often provide this gift to their children to help ensure that everything is considered.

engaged or getting married? get an estate planEstate Planning is Key for New Couples

Getting engaged or married is a time of great excitement and joy, but it is also a time when couples need to start thinking about their future together. One of the most important things that they should consider is estate planning for new couples and it’s important to have the conversations early.

Many parents give their children the gift of planning to get them started on the right path. >> Read More

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