How Elder Law Can Help You

Are you just now beginning to wonder how you will pay for long-term health care for a spouse whose health is declining? Is your estate in order or do you need to update your will or create a living trust? Is your elderly parent unable to make sound financial decisions, let alone care for themselves on a day-to-day basis? An elder law attorney can help you safely navigate the twilight years of your or your loved one’s life. An attorney can help you minimize stress, familial arguments, and the potential for your loved one to be the victim of identity fraud or other financial harms.

What is Elder Law?

Elder law covers a wide spectrum of legal issues. From estate planning and guardianship to long-term healthcare planning, Medicaid planning, and advance health directives, an elder law attorney needs to be knowledgeable in many areas of the law. Elder law attorneys help elderly clients and their families deal with what are sometimes stressful situations, all while remaining emotionally in-tune with both their client’s best interests and their immediate desires, which do not always align if the client suffers from Alzheimer’s’ or dementia. Elder law is complex and deals in making important decisions that will not only affect an older person until the end of their life, but will also affect their surviving family members for years to come.

Estate Planning

Is your will up to date? According to Forbes, the top eight reasons for updating your will include financial good fortune, financial setbacks, relationship changes, changes in the law, becoming a grandparent (or parent), losing a spouse, and bad health. Too many Americans die without creating a will to protect their last wishes and their loved ones, and still too many do not take the time to update their out of date wills. Everyone needs a will, but an estate plan does not have to end there. You may greatly benefit from various trusts and financial planning. An elder law attorney can also help create a power of attorney for your or your loved one’s business, a guardianship, and much more.

Long Term Care

Most of us will spend some time in our lives in an assisted living or nursing home. In fact, 1.4 million Americans currently reside in a nursing home, according to the CDC. These facilities are expensive, and the average American simply cannot afford a bed in a nursing home for more than a few months at most. An elder law attorney can create a Medicaid trust that will not only save your money, but will enable you the care that you need. Elder law attorneys also help with DNRs, advance healthcare directives, and legal powers of attorney for healthcare decisions.

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The goal of an elder law attorney is to create a plan for every scenario, and in each category of an elder person’s life. This includes estate planning, DNRs, long term healthcare planning, and much, much more. For more information and to schedule a meeting with an elder law attorney, call the Pasadena law offices of Frame & Frame today at 410-255-0373.