When most people meet me, they are surprised to hear that I’m an attorney.  My sense of humor and my ability to show empathy are my superpowers and make me approachable and down to earth.

I’m a proud member of the Maryland State Bar Association.  My last two jobs in the legal field were Washington, D.C. Prosecutor, and a Frederick County Maryland Assistant States Attorney.  It was a real struggle to find a work-life balance with demanding jobs and a daughter at home.

After a brief stint in real estate, I came to work part-time at Frame & Frame in January 2019, taking a support role at the firm.  The talented group of women that I work with is impressive! When they offered me a full-time position as an attorney, I knew right away that I was made for this job and this type of law would fulfill my purpose.

After seeing so much unexpected loss in my circle of friends and family, I was keenly aware of my need to serve in the area of estate planning, elder law, guardianship, and probate.  These are all different parts of the same picture; interrelated, but completely separate. It is gratifying to make a difference in someone’s life, especially during a difficult time.

Many people put off estate planning until they are in their “golden years,” but that can leave our loved ones unprepared for the difficulties and expenses that occur, during a crisis.  Young families with children especially need to have a plan to raise their kids if something should happen to them. We help take the weight off our client’s shoulders by the time they leave our office.  That is truly rewarding.

In my personal life, I enjoy family time with my husband and daughter.  I’m passionate about photography and love to travel.  Being outdoors with our family fur baby, a golden retriever named Lucky, is a favorite activity and loads of fun!

I’m grateful for the newfound work-life balance I have and feel happy to have the opportunity to help people in this position with Frame & Frame. It’s almost more of a calling than a job.  Knowing that people have a plan in place brings my clients peace of mind and helps me sleep better at night.

I would love to meet with you or your loved ones and review your estate plan.  If you or any one of your friends and family need help with estate planning, elder law, probate, or guardianship, please let me know.  I can explain the legal process in plain language and develop a plan to set their mind at ease.