Elder Romance and Marriage

Romance is often associated with the young. Somehow, our society generally believes that the elderly have outgrown the emotions that come with dating. Yet, older adults find just as much enjoyment as teenagers do from the excitement, compassion, and love that companionship provides. In today’s world, finding love again at an older age is more common and more accepted than at any time in the last century. In fact, older couples have become more likely to remarry, according to the Pew Research Center. Whether an older person finds a new partner in assisted living, via an online match site, or through a mutual friend, these golden year relationships can add new life to those in their 70s, 80s, and 90s.  Here is what you need to know about elder romance and marriage.

The Benefits of Finding New Love Late in Life

For many, the thought of going into an assisted living facility brings up emotions of fear, depression, and loneliness. The word “facility” does little to encourage optimism for residents and their family members. However, assisted living does not have to be a place to quietly pass away. It can be a place full of quality memories and love. Relationships set the clock back for older people by making them feel younger. Benefits to finding new love at an older age include:

  • Being encouraged to get more exercise, with access to exercise facilities;
  • Having people to interface with regularly to help keep the mind agile;
  • Providing new meaning to, and opportunities for new experiences in, life;
  • Having someone to care for and having someone to help care for the elder.

Why Children May Present an Obstacle to Your Marriage

Money and children are the two most common issues that lead to divorce. In fact, stress over money and fights regarding custody and child support were the two leading causes of failed second marriages, according to a study cited in Psychology Today. While the participants in this study were under the age of 50, the same is true for the second or third marriages of the elderly. Money and children remain the leading obstacles to overcome. Grown adult children may find their parent’s new partner unlikeable for personal reasons. They may feel that their parent is betraying the memory of their deceased mate. Adult child may feel jealous, particularly if their parent is moving away to be with the new partner, or they may simply think that their parent is making a horrible decision that is not in the parent’s best interest. Deep down, many adult children believe that their elderly parents are, to a degree, incapacitated and unable to make wise decisions because the parent is not of sound mind. Whatever the reason, adult children, unfortunately, are one of the major difficulties that face elderly marriages and relationships.

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