Set a Formal Schedule of Child Visitation During the Divorce Proceedings

Not all couples who get divorced are at each other’s throat. Many divorces can be carried out with civilized, calm discussions, and compromise. Yet, divorce is a complicated, frustrating process that takes months to finalize in even the best of times. During the divorce process, a once amicable relationship can turn south and disintegrate into arguments, yelling matches, and retaliations.

Studies have shown that not having children is a predictor of divorce, as couples without children are more likely to get divorced than couples who do have children, as reported by Business Insider. But while having children may help keep married couples together, this is, of course, not always the case. Children can be one of the greatest stressors in marriage, as parents disagree about how to raise or care for their children, finances are strained, and time and energy are used up while taking the children to appointments, fixing meals, and cleaning up after them. And unfortunately, for married couples with children, the stakes are even higher when it comes to divorce, as child custody, the parenting plan, and visitation should be decided and agreed upon by both parties, otherwise the matter will be left to an impartial judge. Because there is so much at risk for divorcing parents, Maryland divorces that involve children should always include an attorney, not only for when parents create a schedule of visitation.

Circumstances Change with Time During and After Divorce

You may get along with your soon-to-be former spouse, but that can change. For example, parents identified as AT and ET created an informal visitation schedule between themselves during divorce, believing that something concrete was unnecessary because, at the time, they seemed to get along just fine. However, the situation deteriorated over time. The mother eventually wanted to change the visitation schedule and the father did not agree with the modifications. Because the continued disputes between the parents about the visitation schedule began having a negative impact on their child, according to the court, the Circuit Court in Maryland created a visitation schedule for the parents that they were legally bound to follow whether they liked it or not. It ended up being very expensive for the father as it involved a Circuit Court trial. Unfortunately, the expense was avoidable.

Creating a Formal Schedule of Visitation

An attorney can help create a formal schedule of visitation that both parents must comply with. It may seem unnecessary at the time, but it can go a long way toward:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety for the parents and the children;
  • Saving money and time by avoiding court to decide the visitation schedule;
  • Resolving conflict before it has time to manifest; and
  • Helping the children adjust by creating a stable, predictable schedule that does not get broken or altered. Stability is a necessity for minor children, especially when their parents become separated.

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