Pedestrian Injuries

Unfortunately, using crosswalks, sidewalks, and obeying traffic laws is not always enough for pedestrians to stay safe; thousands of pedestrians are killed across the nation every year by inattentive, aggressive, or drunk drivers. What is almost just as bad as being hit by a negligent driver is the fact that many times, the driver will blame the pedestrian. As it is, the rules and roadways of Maryland are not designed for pedestrian ease of use or safety, and police may unfairly side with the driver instead of you. After all, because the driver was not injured, and you were, the driver is often the sole party left at the crash scene to give their side of the story to law enforcement. Make no mistake, if you were hit by an automobile as a pedestrian, you need an experienced Anne Arundel County attorney who will aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Why You Need an Attorney

Even though the majority of pedestrian fatalities and injuries are the fault of drivers, America’s love affair with cars means that pedestrians are often blamed for causing their own injuries. The cause of the crash may seem obvious to you, but because at-fault parties tend to bend the truth or even blatantly lie, and because your side of events may not be properly taken into account, you are at a serious disadvantage when filing a personal injury lawsuit or claim against the negligent party’s insurance company. Excuses that drivers often make or lies that they create, in an attempt to avoid liability, include the following:

  • Pedestrian was not in crosswalk;
  • Pedestrian jumped out in front of traffic;
  • Pedestrian came out of nowhere;
  • The sun was in the driver’s eyes;
  • It was too dark out to see the pedestrian;
  • Pedestrian crossed the crosswalk against the light; or
  • Another vehicle swerved, causing them (the driver who hit the pedestrian) to hit the pedestrian.

Because it can be difficult to place liability on the driver, it is necessary to work with an attorney who has experience dealing with Maryland pedestrian accidents. Additionally, it is important to work with an attorney who has experience negotiating with insurance companies, and who will take your case to trial if need be. Do not accept any low offers from the negligent party or their insurance provider before talking to an attorney. Your case may be worth much more than is being let on.

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Overall, 5,376 pedestrians were killed by drivers in 2015, which has been the highest number since 1996, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). And, while the Maryland State Highway Administration urges pedestrians to take safety into their own hands by wearing bright colored clothing, making eye contact with drivers, and being predictable, you should not be held financially responsible for a negligent driver’s egregious actions.

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