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In Maryland and many other states, parents have a legal obligation to provide financial support to their children. Generally, the non-custodial parent is required to make ongoing payments to the child’s custodial parent. While Maryland uses an official child support formula to determine how much child support should be paid, it may be possible to deviate from the official guidelines in certain circumstances.

The experienced Maryland child support attorneys at Frame & Frame are ready to protect your legal rights and financial interests in a child support situation. We handle the full range of child support cases, including modifications of prior court orders. Whether you are paying or receiving child support, we are here to assist you. To speak to a top-rated Maryland family law attorney, please contact our office to set up your confidential consultation.

Understanding the Maryland Child Support Guidelines

The state of Maryland has enacted official child support guidelines. These guidelines are used to calculate how much child support should be paid in any given case. To apply the guidelines to your case, the following basic factors must be considered:

  • Each parent’s gross monthly income;
  • Each parent’s contribution to health insurance and work-related daycare; and
  • The number of children involved.

Under Maryland law, a family court can deviate from the state’s child support guidelines if applying them would be unjust or inappropriate. While this is a relatively high bar to clear, it can certainly be done in some cases. For example, if a child has exceptional medical needs that impose considerable additional costs on the custodial parent, the non-custodial parent could potentially be required to pay some additional child support. In contrast, if the non-custodial parent must bear significant travel expenses to visit the child, those costs could potentially be deducted from child support. Cases with exceptional circumstances require individualized attention.

We Provide Legal Services for Maryland Child Support Matters

Child support disputes can come in a wide range of different forms. The Maryland family law attorneys at Frame & Frame have the skills and legal knowledge to help you with all types of child support cases. Regardless of the specific circumstances facing you and your family, our legal team is here to protect your rights. Some examples of child support issues we handle in Maryland include the following:

  • Negotiation of initial child support agreements;
  • Disputes and litigation regarding child support orders;
  • Paternity disputes and related cases;
  • Deviation from child support guidelines;
  • Collection of overdue child support payments; and
  • Modification of child support agreements and orders.

Child support agreements and orders are always subject to modification. If there has been a substantial change in circumstances — such as the loss of a job, or alternatively, a parent getting a large raise — child support obligations may be adjusted accordingly.

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