How Will COVID-19 Affect My Personal Injury Case?

Covid affects personal injury cases, such as car crashes or slip and falls, but the coronavirus may be even more traumatic with routine exams, physical therapy, and required surgeries that are postponed due to the pandemic.  You may be full of questions during this time so an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney can help answer many of these questions and provide legal guidance to ensure you get the help you need.

To Ride or Not to Ride in an Ambulance

If you’re involved in an accident, some wonder if it is worth the risk of getting COVID by taking an ambulance? The truth is, if you need immediate medical assistance, you should take it, regardless of the risk. But, if you avoided an ambulance ride because of your fear of contracting the coronavirus, you need to get to a hospital as soon as possible to treat your injuries, as well as document that your injuries were substantial.  Without such documentation, a personal injury case may be hard to prove.

Scheduling Elective Surgeries May be Difficult

Due to the high demands on hospitals and medical workers, elective surgeries may be more difficult to schedule. In fact, according to the CMS elective surgeries and non-essential dental and surgical procedures may be delayed because of COVID-19. As such, you may suffer a longer period of pain and suffering, and a worse outcome due to chronic pain if you have to put off surgery for months. It is again important to have documentation for any postponed procedures, due to COVID.

Avoiding the Hospital

It is understandable that you may want to put off getting your injured arm checked out at the hospital, at this time, due to the coronavirus. But delaying treatment can result in a permanent injury, as well as harming your chances of receiving compensation. Despite the risks associated with a hospital visit, according to one hospital communications director, “We tell anyone who has symptoms and needs medical care to call a hospital first, to make sure they get into the hospital in a safe manner,” according to Wired.

Can I Get a New Car Under Stay at Home Orders?

Yes, you can purchase a new car, truck, bike, or motorcycle—or pay for your current vehicle to be repaired—during a stay at home order. While you may not be able to go to work, you still need to be able to perform essential duties like going to the grocery store, purchasing medicine, visiting your doctor, and getting exercise or traveling to a place to get exercise (such as a trailhead). An insurer is responsible for helping you get a new set of wheels.

Reach Out to an Experienced Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Today

No matter the circumstances surrounding your personal injury, it is important to get legal advice. If you have yet to visit the hospital, if you were out on a “non-essential” trip when you were injured, or if you are worried about getting quality care during the pandemic, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Frame & Frame can help. Schedule a private a consultation today with a Maryland personal injury attorney today.