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What You Need to Know About Health Care Power of Attorney

In any discussion regarding your medical care and treatment, it is important to prioritize your health needs and concerns. Although this is not a matter we like to think about, there may come a time where you are unable to communicate your medical needs with a doctor. Having a health care power of attorney in… Continued

School Bus Accidents

When you let your child ride on a school bus, you expect that the driver and all other drivers will take extra caution regarding the children aboard. Unfortunately, school bus collisions are growing more common. A few years ago, in Elkton, Maryland, a car rear-ended a parked school bus, injuring three special needs students, according… Continued

Three Things to Know About a Personal Injury Claim

When you are involved in any type of accident, there are typically a flood of emotions and uncertainty.  You were hit by a car while crossing the street and suffered multiple fractures. Maybe you were bitten by a dog, slipped in a grocery store and broke your collarbone, or were run off the road by… Continued

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit for Assault

While most personal injury cases involve accidental injuries caused by human error or negligence, victims and their family members can seek financial compensation in cases of assault, battery, homicide, and other types of criminal actions that cause physical and/or emotional harm. What if the Offender Was Never Charged or Escaped a Conviction? One of the… Continued

What If I’m In a Car Accident in Someone Else’s Car?

Annually, over 500 people are killed in traffic collisions in Maryland, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Additionally, around 50,000 people in Maryland are injured in crashes each year, according to the Maryland Department of Transportation. If you are involved in a crash, particularly if you are in someone else’s car, you… Continued

Personal Injury Checklist

If you were involved in a collision or other type of personal injury accident, your level of compensation depends on the damages that you can prove, as well as the degree of liability that rests with the party responsible for causing your injuries. It is common to feel helpless following a serious injury, but there… Continued

How Will COVID-19 Affect My Personal Injury Case?

Covid affects personal injury cases, such as car crashes or slip and falls, but the coronavirus may be even more traumatic with routine exams, physical therapy, and required surgeries that are postponed due to the pandemic.  You may be full of questions during this time so an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney can help answer… Continued

What Happens if You Have an Accident With an Uninsured Driver

Driving is a privilege that may come with serious risks. Distracted driving and uninsured drivers are all too common. Wired estimates the average driver uses their phone for 88 percent of trips, despite research showing just how dangerous talking and texting on the phone is while driving. 80 percent of drivers also admit to expressing… Continued

Injured By a Foreign Object in Your Food?

The last thing that a restaurant patron thinks about in the seconds before taking a bite of a burger is of a shard of glass or rock embedded in the meat. Yet, millions of people each year chomp down on food only to be injured by a foreign object mistakenly mixed in with their burrito,… Continued

Planes Forced to Land – Lithium-Ion Battery Explosions Mounting

You may have read the headlines about lithium-ion batteries exploding and catching fire on commercial flights. Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 smartphone, which was recalled because it would suddenly burst into flames, was the most widely reported on story regarding these defective lithium-ion batteries. However, potentially dangerous lithium-ion batteries are still used in a variety of electronics… Continued