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Life Care Planning and Special Needs

When considering how best to plan for someone with special needs and/or disabilities, it might be helpful to approach this task as a life care plan.  A life care plan is an ever-evolving assessment of financial security and supportive services, so that the person with special needs is able to live a life of meaning… Continued

Signs That Your Parent Needs a Guardianship

As your parents get older, you may realize that they are more forgetful.  This can manifest itself in subtle ways at first, such as forgetting to close the garage door, repeating stories, or not knowing what day of the week it is.  These memory lapses may intensify over the years, and what begins as “senior… Continued

Do You Need an Adult Guardianship?

Guardianship is a legal tool used to keep “incapacitated” or “incompetent” individuals from putting themselves in harm’s way. Typically, guardianship is applied when a person’s cognitive decline, dementia, or Alzheimer’s makes them incapable of caring for themselves. While an elderly person who forgets names easily, or even what year it is, may not need a… Continued

What You Need to Know NOW About Guardianship in Maryland

Guardianship in Maryland can be a complex process but there are ways to navigate the process if you understand the legal requirements.  First, it helps to understand that a guardian is appointed by the court when an adult is unable to take care of their personal or financial needs due to incapacitation, age, disease, or… Continued

For Some Elders, Guardianship is Akin to Prison

As a senior citizen with wisdom learned through countless life lessons, one would expect to be treated with a high level of respect and admiration. Senior citizens have provided and sacrificed for their families for decades, and it only makes sense that they should be treated with respect, appreciation, and a high social status. Unfortunately,… Continued