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Unmarried Couples and Child Custody

Marriage rates are on the decline (divorce rates have actually declined as well), which is why it is becoming increasingly common for unmarried couples with children to rely on custody laws in Maryland. In fact, one third of children are living with an unmarried parent, according to the Pew Research Center. Some of those parents… Continued

Can You Disinherit a Spouse in Maryland?

Although this is not a common question, the question of whether or not you can disinherit a spouse in Maryland is a question that sometimes arises and there are a multitude of reasons.  At the heart of this discussion, is the sweeping reform legislation that went into effect on October 1, 2020 here in Maryland. … Continued

The New Maryland Spousal Effect Law – Changes You Need to Consider

A new law (Senate Bill 192/House Bill B99) also known as an Augmented Estate Law, was signed into law by Governor Hogan effective October 1st, 2020. This law will likely have a profound impact on the finances of certain married couples, especially blended families or couples who have previous children, by another marriage.  The new… Continued

Divorcing After 50

Divorce at any age can be a difficult, life-changing event. For older couples, there may be extenuating circumstances that need to be considered.  If you divorcing after 50, you may need to consider pensions, retirement accounts, impact on blended families, spousal support; and in some cases child custody and child support. Gray Divorce is on… Continued

A Positive Outcome: How Two Divorce Attorneys Handled Their Own Divorce

A Chicago couple, who got married just after they each finished law school, went through the process of argument, therapy, argument, and inevitably divorce. Why is this story noteworthy? Because both were and still are divorce attorneys, as the New York Times reports. With years of experience helping clients through often messy and almost always… Continued

Division of Marital Property

During divorce, many couples wish to know what is at stake in terms of their property, both real and personal. Maryland is an equitable distribution state, meaning that property is not divided equally in every situation. However, the court will make a “fair” decision, and typically both spouses receive an equal share of the property.… Continued